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Serpent's tomes

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16th November 2006

7:46pm: Amusingly appropriate...

serpent_fang's LJ stalker is ninja_doctor!
ninja_doctor is stalking you because you said something bad about them on your LJ. They are also slowly poisoning you!

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30th May 2006

11:05pm: Locked to ninja_doctor
On one hand, Orochimaru hated not having the people of Sound village at his disposal. On the other hand, he could operate much more discreetly in a place like the Nexus.

The Kabuto he was meeting with wasn't from his universe, but then, that Kabuto's Orochimaru didn't seem to be around. It seemed only natural that they would wind up working together on something.

The quarters he presently had were modest - basic furnishings, including a table and two chairs. He sat in one of those as he waited for Kabuto to arrive.
Current Mood: devious

5th November 2005

12:28am: June 1st, in the very, very early AM hours (circa 2-3am)
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19th September 2005

2:09am: May 30th - Sound nins only
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17th May 2005

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Current Mood: nostalgic
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